Inman Connect speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk is someone that I closely follow. His enthusiastic insights on how to find success in today’s entrepreneurial world are not only sensible but also inspiring.

A perfect example of his influence can be found in an article he wrote a few months back titled “How The Real Estate Industry Can Use Snapchat and Facebook Live Videos For Sales”. In it, he outlines a few major reasons why real estate professionals should be utilizing these social media tools and – more importantly – simple ideas for how to do it.

Snapchat is a platform that people use with intent.

A few months ago, Gary wrote about the history of Snapchat and how the idea of disappearing photos “changed the game.” The beauty of a platform like Snapchat in today’s digital age is the fact that moments are temporary. This means that once it’s done, it’s gone forever. This transient nature of the platform has resulted in high user engagement… when someone chooses to view a Snapchat, they have committed their attention.

Now, if you are someone that may not see the value in Snapchat because you see it as a platform for teenagers and young adults, Gary encourages you to reconsider by stating the following:

“The value of the platform that most real estate people are overlooking is the emerging 30 to 45 year old demo on Snapchat. In the next 2-3 years, Snapchat will skew much older and age much like Facebook has.”

He goes on to add that amongst the older demographic there has been a significant growth in affluent people – especially along the coasts. Sounds pretty ideal, doesn’t it?

Creating content for Snapchat is simple.

As Gary states in his post, content on Snapchat does not have to be “polished” due to the nature of the platform. This means it’s possible for anyone that can use a smartphone to create content… no excuses!

If you’re unsure what type of content to create or where to start, Gary has some advice on that too. In his post, he highly recommends utilizing the custom geofilters to showcase area attractions, such as restaurants or schools. If it adds value to your listings, run with it. The key to Snapchat is knowing what your buyers and sellers are looking for.

To get more information about geofilters and how to use them, click here!

Virtual open houses and the future of Facebook Live video.

With live streaming hitting it’s peak, Gary suggests using it to your advantage. His suggestion? Using the popular Facebook Live product to start running virtual open houses. This would allow buyers to view houses in the comfort of their own home, while still having the ability to ask the real estate agent questions in real-time. Referring to this idea as a “monumental move” in real estate, Gary believes that utilizing Facebook Live video to sell homes will quickly give traditional viewings a run for their money.

Hubspot recently wrote an article on how to use Facebook Live, click here to take a look!

Now is the best time to start experimenting.

Gary predicts that it will be another 24-30 months before Snapchat and Facebook Live will gain solid footholds in the 30 to 45 year old demographic. This is great news for anyone who may be unfamiliar with either, or both. There is no better time to start playing around with these tools and starting to learn what works and what doesn’t. Real estate professionals that start using this time to understand the tools themselves will have the greatest success once they gain a more mainstream following among this key demographic.

If you’re going to Inman make sure you’re there to hear Gary Vaynerchuk speak! You can learn more about him by visiting his website.