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Digital marketing for real estate.

Our team of Google Certified marketing experts leverage their combined experience with real estate marketing and our third party partners like Google to align your goals with proven strategies. Our team believes in transparency and the power of real and genuine relationships. Which is why you are consistently part of the conversation through strategy calls, weekly and monthly reporting, and real-time analytics dashboards.

Proven strategies that
work for real estate.

Union Street Media is the only company in the real estate industry that offers true omni-channel marketing to agents and offices. Our digital marketing experts build a well-rounded, personalized marketing strategy specifically for real estate agents and brokers that attracts, engages, and converts buyers and sellers online.

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Organic search

Drive traffic to your site and build up authority through optimization and hyper-local, unique content that resonates with buyers and sellers. We ensure that your site is optimized to perform well in a variety of search engines so that you are ranking well for the terms people are searching for.

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Paid search

Advertise your business directly to someone seeking the services you offer right at the time they’re needed - that’s about as targeted as advertising gets. Paid search gives you a great deal of control over keywords, bids, ad text, which pages to send traffic to, and hundreds of other settings that can help you drive users to your website.

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Social media marketing

Social media platforms are where your buyers and sellers live online. Leverage social data such as location, interests, and behavior and custom messaging to reach your ideal customers in an environment where they are actively engaged.

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Display advertising

Get brand exposure and capture potential customers’ attention visually through display advertising. Advertise on the websites where your ideal audience is likely to spend time and stay top-of-mind. Great ads can go a long way in making more people aware of and interested in your business.

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With retargeting we use website data and target users based on their last interaction with your site to reconnect with potential buyers and sellers that you may have lost. Users who come back to your site through retargeting are more likely to convert because we can point them directly to the pages that are relevant to their interests.

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Voice Search

20% of today's searching is done via voice search, and that number continues to rise. Show up in these searches with optimization work that is specifically created to target the way users search with their voice.

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