If we’ve learned anything about running a real estate business during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s the importance of tapping into the internet. We’re quickly learning, too, that the advantages of the internet can go way beyond a killer website with great images and meaty content

Video presents an opportunity for agents to engage with potential customers, without direct contact. Buyers pay attention when they find engaging video walkthroughs of properties they’re interested in. Sellers notice the way an agent speaks to the viewer and presents a home. Whether it’s an “extra” option or your only option, video tours are an incredible way to get your listings in front of a wider audience.

Getting Your Video “Out There”

You’ve created your virtual tour, giving buyers an inside look at your amazing listing as you walk through and show off its many highlights. What’s next? Getting your video in front of as many potential customers as possible. Here’s where your online network and your social media presence can really start to work to your benefit.

Your Website: Post your video on your website. Make a separate page where people can see them all.  Feature your newest one on your home page, for visibility, and include a link to the page with all of your videos. Also, add the video to your listing page. Do you blog? Post each new video on your blog, or consider doing a weekly roundup.

Youtube: Post your video on YouTube to boost SEO and get in front of as many people as possible. Learn more about posting to YouTube on our channel. 

Facebook: Create a post on your business’s Facebook page. Include brief text that will entice people to watch. (“Get an inside view of this rare historic home with an updated kitchen.”). Go beyond just a post and create an event on Facebook for your Livestream, then advertise the event and target your customer list with ads. 

Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram: Don’t stop your social promotion at just Facebook and YouTube! If you have accounts on other social media platforms, create a post to maximize reach across your network. Announce it widely, and link, link, link, to your website!

Email: Do you send out a newsletter to an email list? Don’t forget to include your latest videos in your announcements. Link to your most recent videos, to make your email contacts aware of the videos, and to make it easy for them to view new virtual open houses on a regular basis.

Advertise: Boost your Facebook posts or create separate ads on Facebook and other social media sites. Take advantage of audience targeting options to show your ads to people matching your criteria (e.g., local people, people searching for real estate, past website visitors).

We hope that these tips give you a starting point to draw potential buyers in and keep sellers happy. If you would like more information about advertising virtual tours, or more information on creating virtual tours, please reach out!