Now more than ever, hyperlocal content is topical. It’s finally time to bring to life all our ideas that lay waste on the back burner. And yet we still resist. Our attention will continue to turn to things we could do now that will provide revenue. While Video tours are extremely important, buyers are still looking for insight into the community. Their house is all about a place to live, work and play. Providing that knowledge sets you apart and makes you a resource. 

We’ve heard the phrase “Content is King!” – the phrase that echoes through social channels, blog posts and the halls of digital marketers everywhere. Google’s algorithms continuously change, one thing that hasn’t changed is that quality content is one of the most important factors in ranking well. 

But – write content?!? What do I write about?? How do I know I’m writing about the things potential buyer and sellers care about? It may even feel like no one will ever see it under the weight of your listings. So why bother? What’s the point? 

There is no way ZTR (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor) can create enough content on the local level and make it more relevant than you with your knowledge. With that being said, I did just see a commercial for Trulia the other night – they are soliciting users to add content about their neighborhoods so future users can get the inside scoop on the town they’re thinking about moving to. Why give them the power when you can be making your knowledge of the area work for you! YOU HAVE THE UPPER HAND! 

You know the area just as well, if not better, than people who write these reviews. You visit and ride around these areas all day every day (okay, maybe not every day right now – but that just makes it even more valuable to provide this information, while people are stuck at home and can’t check out the neighborhoods themselves), you are in local groups, school and local boards – and that’s just the beginning. You understand the planning, taxes, and laws that might affect buyers and sellers. That’s something that can’t just be crowdsourced. 

So where do you start? For now, let’s take one step at a time: start writing down the areas you service. Take each town or neighborhood – whatever seems more manageable to tackle – and just start writing down some bullet points on things you would want to know about the area if you were going to move there or things these towns are known for. Or maybe you’re always getting asked a particular question, that’s a great place to start because you already know people are interested in the information. 

Does a full-length area information page feel a little overwhelming? Start with a blog post about your favorite aspects of the community – or highlighting unique hangouts (for when we’re allowed out of the house again). 

I know writing content can be daunting – trust me I get, this blog took some effort on my part – but the important thing is to start writing anything. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel more comfortable, and the sooner you’ll start building authority with search engines for keywords that matter to potential buyers and sellers.

Still not sure where to start? Give us a call, we’d love to help!