In today’s competitive search engine landscape, your website needs to make an impact to keep home buyers and sellers engaged. One of the biggest factors to converting leads through your website is a responsive, user-friendly design that balances your brand and industry best practices. At Union Street Media we take the design of our websites very seriously, below are just some of the ways in which we combine beauty and function.

Arresting Visuals.

Users’ have short attention spans, so we need to capture and maintain their attention within a matter of seconds. It’s in our biology to pay attention to and assign credibility to something attractive, so providing your business with an impressive visual aesthetic is critical to differentiating you from your competition and engaging users immediately. Our world-class designers create unique, contemporary layouts that strengthen our client’s branding and professional appearance.

Bold Layouts. Quality Photography & Video. Modern Branding & Typography.


UX Research &
Data-Driven Design.

Our user-centric designs feature streamlined toolsets for home search and relevant, quality content catered to your clientele. We design the navigation and information architecture of our sites to be obvious & self-explanatory, facilitating key user actions that funnel them towards contacting you and becoming a lead. We incorporate ‘lead traps’, in key locations throughout the site that encourage users to sign up, fill out a contact form, or call you directly. User behavior is constantly evolving and our team conducts ongoing UX research to refresh and refine our approach to design on a regular basis. We use tools such as heat mapping, analytics and click tracking to observe how our users interact with our websites and improve our designs according to that data.

Ongoing UX Research & Design Iteration

Looking Forward.

Web design trends and standards are constantly evolving along with the overall digital landscape. Our team is always looking forward to what’s next and our goal is to create designs that lead the online aesthetic and usability standards of the real estate industry. AKA: Design Badass Real Estate Websites 😉