As the use of voice technology continues to grow, app developers are taking note and creating platforms that are centered around audio. One of the newest and fastest-growing social media platforms is Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a live, conversation-focused app, designed to connect users through audio-only in an extraordinarily simple, uncluttered way.

Users follow topics in which they’re interested and can join rooms where those topics are being discussed by influencers or peers in the field. They can even be a speaker in their own room. Users can also directly join the conversation by “raising their hand” to signal to the moderators if that room is accepting comments from the audience. The rooms can take several formats including Q&A, presentation-centered, open discussion, and themed.

How to Use Clubhouse for Real Estate

The Clubhouse app joins a plethora of social media platforms for real estate. Clubhouse is primarily used to connect peers and experts for education and networking. It’s seen as an engaging and authentic, though exclusive, way to share with and learn from each other. The two-part catch is that Clubhouse is invite only and only available to iPhone users.

Here are 6 Ways to Use Clubhouse for Real Estate:

  1. Network – Connect with other agents, brokers, professionals, and coaches to build your referral network.
  2. Learn – Follow people who interest you. Expand your industry knowledge and gather ideas from experts’ live chats. Stay on top of industry trends, potential challenges, and opportunities.
  3. Share – Create your own room to share your ideas and expertise with past, current, and potential customers, partners, and peers. Use this opportunity to grow your brand. You can also participate in open discussions.
  4. Host – Host Q&A’s to give your followers a chance to ask questions about your business, the real estate industry, and how you can help them.
  5. Ask – Attend Q&A’s and other presentations related to your business. Listening to your peer’s questions might answer ones you didn’t even know you had. Or ask experts questions to gain valuable insight into how to improve your business.
  6. Inspire – If you find yourself inspired by someone, chances are that participating and sharing your own ideas will inspire someone else.

Why is Facebook Building its Own Clubhouse App?

For many years, Facebook has been connecting people visually and through audio on apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Because Facebook has seen an increase in audio use across its social media apps, Facebook recently revealed that it’s working on introducing and refining audio elements for its apps. Facebook isn’t alone. Twitter and LinkedIn are also testing new audio functionality that seems directly aimed at Clubhouse.

Some of the elements that Facebook is building include Soundbites and Live Audio Rooms. Soundbites are intended for users to create short audio clips to share on their platform. The goal of Live Audio Rooms is to build communities around topics of interest and share ideas; public figures can host chats and anyone looking for discussions can join.

Facebook says that the Live Audio Rooms are expected to be available on the Facebook app by summertime, so stay tuned! Given Clubhouse’s popularity, it’ll be interesting to see how it fares against the industry juggernaut. Clubhouse’s quick rise to fame (it was started in March 2020) has also received much more scrutiny lately, including over privacy issues, and although its parent company Alpha Exploration Co. raised an undisclosed amount of money to fund its growth, it may be difficult to compete.

Facebook vs. Clubhouse

Though Clubhouse is still in its early stages as a social media app, it’s been audio-focused since day one and doesn’t have the complex layer of visuals that other platforms include. It might be easier to incorporate and monetize audio elements on Facebook where brands and consumers are already connected. Broader audience reach and inclusivity are certainly valuable, though with consumers craving exclusivity, there may ultimately be room for and benefits to brands to use both.

What do you think about Clubhouse? Are you curious which social media platforms make sense for your real estate business? Connect with us to chat about how you’re using social media for real estate today and get personalized recommendations.