For years, we’ve all been hearing the real estate industry cliches of, “Realtors need to be the mayor of their town,” and, “content is king,” and, “there’s riches in niches.” And, we’re so excited to see new technology that brings such a specific level of information right to your real estate website and at buyers’ fingertips. 

Here at Union Street Media, we strive to provide our clients with the hyper-local content that people want when searching for their new home or community. By highlighting hyper-local content on our websites, we help our clients stand out online with in-depth details that most big brokerage online storefronts don’t have.  

We’re so thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with Local Logic! Now, you can enhance your local knowledge on your website with neighborhood data and detailed insights with an intuitive interface. Plus, you can create cohesive branding by adjusting the colors to match the rest of your website. 

Using the Local Demographics tool, you can view several different location scores such as a neighborhood’s population age, commute time, income stats, and more. 

local demographics powered by local logic

With the Local Content tool, you can display an overview of the characteristics that matter most to the buyers or renters so they can get a detailed picture of what the lifestyle of an area encompasses.

If you’re looking to take your local knowledge to the next level, contact us today to learn more about adding Local Logic’s powerful insights on a Union Street Media website!