Agent Sites are one of the newest Union Street Media Platform features, enabling brokerages to offer individual websites to agents. Built with the power of the brokerage’s brand and website, Agent Sites provide a space for agents to share their individual offerings and knowledge online. 

One key benefit of Agent Sites is its seamless integration with the brokerage website. This means that the data on Agent Sites like contact information, photos, social media, and more is automatically updated whenever changes are made in the Agent Roster Manager. The same applies to specific content set up in the broker agent site template, ensuring that the consumer always sees the most up-to-date and accurate information. Plus, Agent Sites are fully integrated with our new Lead Management System, meaning that leads generated from Agent Sites are managed at the brokerage level and can be assigned directly to agents. 

More Agent Sites features include:

  • Lead activity reporting including saved searches, viewed properties, and more from the parent site
  • Consistent branding and UI/UX
  • Includes IDX feeds
  • Easy to activate & deactivate on an individual basis
  • Agent leads are protected (if someone signs up on the agent site they are that agent’s lead)

On an Agent Site, the consumer experience has a consistent look and feel with the brokerage brand. And, agents can also personalize their pages and recommended searches on their sites, creating a unique and engaging experience for their clients. 

More benefits for agents include:

  • Easily add more of their own pages and edit existing pages with Page Builder
  • Testimonials automatically pull in from the Broker Dashboard
  • Exclusive or Non-MLS listings automatically pull in directly from the Broker Dashboard
  • Listing enhancements automatically pull in from the Broker Dashboard 

With Agent Sites, everyone benefits. Agents gain access to technology that boosts their business, and, when agents are happy and productive, it brings success to the brokerage. When brokerages are happy because they’re successful, Union Street Media wins, as we thrive on our client’s success.

I’m excited to see this solution our teams created together in the wild, in the hands of brokers and agents, so we can continue to iterate and improve as needs change. 

Interested in agent sites or looking to grow your business? Contact us today to discuss your goals.