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You’re starting to use Twitter as part of your online real estate marketing plan. You’re ready to start following people to see what kinds of things they talk about, what topics and brands are discussed. That sort of thing. But where to start? If you’re interested in data-driven internet marketing or enjoy this blog, follow me. If you’re focused on using Twitter for your business then find other people in your industry that are using Twitter and see how they use it. I’ll give some examples below.

Real Estate Twitter Users to Follow

Let’s face it, real estate professionals on occasion get criticized for being too pushy or too marketing focused. Like the person at a cocktail party who talks very loud and hands out their business card to everyone but doesn’t really listen very much. You don’t want to be that person. Here are some lists of people to follow on Twitter to get some ideas of how others interact.

  • Many of the readers of this blog are in real estate. If you’re looking for a few examples of “good behavior” real estate agents to follow (to see how they use Twitter), There’s a list of ten great realtor Twitterers on Tom Carpenter’s blog.
  • While I’m at it, here is Brad Nix’s list of real estate people to follow.
  • I started a thread at Inman to be a sort of digest of real estate Twitter users. Check that out and add your information in the comment thread and I’ll put you in the list as well.
  • Another compilation, drawn from many of the sources above, but containing profile info and blog addresses of real estate Twitterers as well can be found at
  • Pat Kitano has come up with a clever scenario whereby you follow one of his Twitter accounts and he follows you back. This creates a list of real estate twitterati because they’re all following his account.
  • There is a list of Real Estate Tweeters at Just Tweet It. It’s an open/unmoderated sign up which makes it fast and nice. Of course, spammy NJ Electronics repair places also get into the list. But it’s there anyway.

This article is part of the Twitter for Business series. If you liked this post you might also like the Using Twitter for Listening and maybe the Twitter for Lead Generation articles. All of these sections are updated  as I find more articles. Let me know if I’m missing a good one out there.