One of my not-so-well-kept secrets is that I’m a big John Denver fan.


My first memories of John Denver’s music was listening to my mom sing along to his Greatest Hits cassette as a kid. I’m the oldest of six kids and, as a result, I got to sit in the front seat of the 1983 Ford Country Squire wagon (with fake wood siding) as she drove us around.

When I rowed crew at Middlebury College, we used to practice on Lake Dunmore in Salisbury, VT.  We left the boats at Keewaydin Camp, where I also went as a camper and worked as a counselor.  On the beautiful fall Vermont mornings, we would be walking the boats into the water at 5:30 AM and the steam would be coming off the lake.  This experience reminded me of John Denver’s ad campaign for Grape Nuts, with the steam coming off the lake in the commercial, so I dubbed these “John Denver mornings.” It stuck.  When we were asked to pull “power 10’s” to finish off a race, the coxswain would yell “Do it for John Denver mornings!”

jd grape nuts

A couple of years ago, a potential client contacted us from Telluride.  Granted, John Denver was an Aspen guy. However, when I was asked “Do you want a client in Telluride?” the answer was clear.  We’ve worked with destination vacation market real estate brokers since our first client in Stowe in 2002 – so translating this experience to a potential Telluride buyer was right in our wheel house.  And, as a passionate skier, Telluride has always been on my list of places to visit. As soon as my wife and I can get a winter ski trip together away from our three-and-one-year-old boys, we’re headed to Telluride.  In the meantime, we’ve built a few beautiful websites for clients in Telluride that you can see below.


Telluride Real Estate Corp.

telluride re corp

Telluride Real Estates

telluride real estates

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