At Union Street Media, we’re helping our clients prepare for the changes in response to the proposed National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement. As we carefully keep up with NAR, consultants in the industry like T3 Sixty, and individual MLSs, our flexible platform allows us to be ready to adapt and meet any deadlines imposed by the settlement, helping you achieve the goals that are most important to you. 

The real estate industry has seen its fair share of changes throughout history and we’ve always had the best interest of our clients in mind. For the past 25 years, Union Street Media has given brokerages, teams, and agents a powerful platform that’s designed with their business’s specific goals; we’re looking forward to continuing to serve all of our clients with thoughtfulness and responsiveness. 

Like so many others in the industry, we’re interested to see the settlement’s impact. As it stands, the new ways of doing business in real estate will probably enter into a more consumer-centric style of serving the community. This will require you to create a stronger value proposition for buyer representations, showing value in the representation that buyers receive for the largest purchase of their lives. 

Buyers will – more than ever – need your agent’s help navigating the transaction to make sure they’re getting the best possible outcome. Buyer representation agreements will be important going forward. Positioning yourselves as a valuable resource and expert in the home buying and selling process with content on your website will be key. Doing so will help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve in whatever form that takes in the future. 

We look forward to navigating these changes together – please reach out and give us your thoughts and ideas so we can better understand the unique challenges and opportunities that these changes will bring to your specific area. Our developers, engineers, support, and customer success teams are listening and will continue to help you achieve your business goals.