A few months ago, I shared that Union Street Media’s industry-leading Map Search is now available. We’re thrilled to see it going live on a number of our existing sites.

Curious to know a little more about how our mapping tool works? Lally Boright, our Product Owner extraordinaire, does a deep dive into the features and functionality offered in our Map Search. Check it out in the video below!


What are the three most important things in real estate? Say it with us: location, location, location! Maybe that’s the most overused real estate saying out there, however, that doesn’t stop it from being true.   

We believe the ability to see a property on a map and interact with it in the most dynamic of ways is fundamental to the process a buyer goes through when determining whether or not to purchase a home. Our Map Search empowers our clients to have a search experience on par with the world’s leading real estate portals at a fraction of the cost!

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