Your website needs fresh and unique content in order to stay competitive. If you’re looking for a way to improve your website’s engagement, lead generation, and rankings in search engines, with one update, consider creating town pages in our Landing Page product.

A Union Street Media client recently released a few town pages and saw a 7.3% conversion rate driven by increased organic traffic.

We offer an easy and time-saving way to create town pages that are stronger than the average content page. There are plenty of big benefits to town pages, find out what a few minutes creating a page for your website can do.

Improve your SEO

Town pages can have an important impact on your organic site rankings adding to the depth of content you provide to attract site visitors.

The content doesn’t have to be anything more than a recap of conversations you’re already having with clients, and questions you might receive from prospects. It’s the perfect place to help site visitors learn more about a town from it’s local expert instead of the canned content from Wikipedia or Zillow. You know your market and can paint a better picture than anyone else.

Start by picking 2 or 3 towns you spend the most amount of time in, or receive the most inquires about. You could also be proactive, and create pages for towns that you know are starting to become more popular.

Educate Consumers


It’s no secret that buyers do a lot of research before reaching out to an Agent. They’ll visit a number of sites that contain very high level information about a town. Being the local expert means you’ll be able to add some perspective to a town that others can’t.

There is also a lot of perspective that you can add that other websites won’t. Imagine the difference between what you could write about regarding local schools vs. the simple “star ratings” other sites provide.

You could also add perspective on the people and community that exists instead of just the normal census data that’s provided.


Town pages are great to help Sellers understand what they can expect if they decide to sell their home in the current market.

You can add clarity to why homes are selling for 5% over asking price, help set expectations on how easy or difficult it might be to sell in a certain town and what other times might be better for buyers looking to sell in the next few years.

Creating these specific resources can also provide a point of reference for site visitors who will learn your name, and potentially share that information with friends creating a referrals for you.

Advertising Landing Pages

All the town pages automatically generate calls to actions for site visitors to submit questions making them great for advertising. You can create Facebook campaigns around your town pages to help promote your brand, and expertise.

You can also connect your town page to our blog so any content you write about a town automatically gets pulled in promoting more content sharing and engagement on the page.

Our Town Page feature provides you the ability to create predesigned pages specific for displaying local information. The feature will will save you time by automatically providing you MLS overviews, Maps, contact information, and links to MLS searches.

We’ve enhanced the page even further by adding Onboard Informatics package so your town pages will also include local Points of Interest so consumers can see what amenities or shops are available to them.