Consider all the people you contact on a regular basis. How many of them turn into actionable buyers or sellers. What happens to the prospects that fall off the radar?

It’s best practice to contact these potential prospects every few months, but over time how is that possible as the list grows?

Drip marketing is the solution. It’s a way to take lead data that you have in your lead management software and automate months of follow up until the prospect is truly ready for your services.

…and you don’t have to be super tech savvy to get this up and running! Tools like MailChimp and Constant Contact seamlessly integrate into our platform making setting up drip marketing even easier.

2 Ways to Leverage Your Drip Marketing

You’ve sold a home

  • The Testimonial
    • Don’t miss the chance to ask for a testimonial. Create a drip campaign that gives them a few days to work through the excitement of closing on their new home, and ask them to send you a testimonial. This is an easy one to automate so you’re not chasing them down, and they can provide the response back via email simplifying the process for both you, and your client.
  • Anniversary Reminders
    • Once you’ve marked clients SOLD you don’t want them to forget your name years from now! Every year send them an email thanking them for their business, and wishing them continued happiness in their home.
  • Referral Requests
    • If your clients were happy with your services, this is a great opportunity to automate reminders to ask for referrals. You could do this every few months or twice a year. This is an easy way to make sure you’re actively connecting with your past clients to see if they have friends or family who may need a Realtor.

They’re “not ready yet” aka the Tire Kickers

You speak to prospects like this daily. They ask a few questions, act somewhat interested, but ultimately they’re not ready to commit to anything (yet!). This is NOT lost business. Don’t toss these people aside, instead put them on a drip campaign until they are ready to commit.

  • Use My Website
    • Acknowledge that you understand they’re not ready or imply they can freely do more research. Offer your website services to them and explain how a some features work on the site by encouraging them to save favorites and searches. If you send a few of these scattered throughout a few weeks or months, you may be able to re engage them or at least stop them from using someone else’s website.
  • Market Updates
    • They may not be ready, but they are doing their research. You can expect anyone who’s contacted you is out on the web trying to learn as much as they can. Take a few minutes to understand what market they’re looking at. You can do this through your follow up or by viewing their search history on your website. Either insight should allow you to take their market interests and set up campaigns that provide some basic information.
  • Search Listings
    • You’re never going to be able to send everyone you’ve spoken to updates on MLS data. Keep it simple by adding campaigns that link them to pre-created website landing pages of your recent sales, current open houses, or new market listings. It’s okay to be a little vague in your messaging as long as you’re providing content. Get them engaged on you site, and maybe target them with a few Facebook ads!

Keep a few things in mind when implementing the strategies above:

  1. Keep it short. If your emails are longer than 3 to 4 sentences you run the chance of losing your reader. Make it quick and point them to resources on your website.
  2. Keep it simple. Don’t try to create 100 messages in a campaign. Start small, test your ideas and see where feedback and data take you.
  3. Mix up the content. Use text, video, and images to keep it fresh, personalized and engaging.
  4. Test different things. If an email is underperforming, replace the content or change the subject line.
  5. Be authentic. Be you and write exactly what’d you would have said to them over the phone.

The most important item is that you set realistic expectations. This is not a set it and forgot it marketing tactic, and it will take a few trial and error moments to get the results you want. The reward at the end is a way to communicate with potential and current clients over time without having to devote all your time and energy to it.

Let us know what kind of drip marketing campaigns you’ve created to nurture your leads. If you haven’t, let us know if we can help you.