1. Allocating your budget is easier

There is no denying it: the biggest flaw of print marketing is that it takes longer to see results. One of the biggest benefits of digital is that it allows you to monitor success and failure in real time and across multiple metrics. The ability to access this real time data allows for better opportunities to optimize your budget and achieve greater ROI. As a real estate professional, you’re in the people business – which is why it’s important to be able to distribute your budget to the channels that create the best experience for your buyers and sellers.

2. More content variety

With digital marketing comes an additional opportunity to enhance your user’s experience through diverse content. By diversifying your content you increase the chances of buyers and sellers engaging with your brand and your listings. What’s even better? In the world of social media, the idea of “sharable content” means engagement can also equal increased reach – in other words, you could potentially connect with an unlimited amount of people from a simple share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… something you definitely don’t see with print.

3. According to a study by Cisco Systems, 70% of the world’s population will have cell phones by 2020.

With such a substantial increase in mobile usage, digital engagement has grown significantly. In fact, it is projected that digital will surpass TV ad spending by next year. Why? Mobile has changed the way that people not only access information but also their entertainment. With this change comes to opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your audience, opening the door for more granular targeting and custom messaging. Being able to cater your marketing to buyers and sellers – in real time – makes it easier to connect to them at any point in their home buying (or selling) process, something that’s invaluable to your real estate business.

When combined, print and digital can make a powerful marketing tool.

Regardless of my points above, it is important to mention that print is still very much alive (…according to Inman). However – although print marketing can still show success – by not harnessing the power of digital you are limiting your opportunities for potential growth. So why not just cover all of your bases? Using digital and print simultaneously can only help increase your overall reach and ultimately your opportunities for increased revenue.