On March 6, Google+ started rolling out a new design for profiles and pages (just one day before Facebook’s new News Feed design announcement). The most noticeable change is the size increase for Cover Photos. As with the Facebook Cover Photos, users were complaining that the size was really difficult to work with since it was so long and narrow. In order to solve the problem, Google has added an option to upgrade your cover photo to a much larger size. The new dimensions are 2120px by 1192px, a significant increase from the 940px by 180px it used to be. Google also added a local Reviews tab, which shows all of the reviews about local businesses that you’ve written. This encourage visitors to start reviewing local shops and restaurants and sharing them with their friends.  If you prefer not to share these, they can be hidden in your settings. Profiles have a new design too. Now, your About tab is divided into different sections including People, Story, Education, Work, Links, and Basic Info (for brands, it’s People, Story, Links & Contact Info).  This makes the profiles more colorful and easier to navigate.  You can also add skills to your profile in the section about your work history. Although not all social media users are on Google+, its numbers are increasing.  Google has reported that 235 million users are using G+ to do things like +1 content (similar to Facebook’s “Like”) and video chat with friends, while 135 million are actively using it once a month. And with the updated profile and page design, more users might start jumping on board.  While it still isn’t as popular as Facebook, Google+ is gaining popularity. Find out if your profile has been updated or take a look at the Union Street Media page and let us know what you think.  Do you like the new design or do you prefer the old style? Looking to make your blog posts more interesting in search results? Read this article about setting up Google Authorship.