In today’s market, if you aren’t utilizing technology to it’s fullest potential you are two steps behind your competition. Below you will find 3 ways you can leverage technology to help you seal the deal with clients.

Automated Home Value

At Union Street Media we offer an Automated Home Value tool that allows users to get an idea of what their home might be worth based on a variety of factors including marketing conditions, home features, neighborhood, lot size, and more. While our tool provides users with an accurate estimate based on quantitative data, it does not negate the value of an in-person evaluation in which the Realtor can take into account qualitative factors like landscaping, views, and home condition. So, when a lead is captured from the Automated Home Value Tool, we encourage clients to reach out to these people to set up an in-home evaluation.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns offer the ability to automate email follow up to your leads days, weeks, or months, in advance. This method of email marketing is a great way to update clients on new properties, obtain referrals, or provide market updates. Union Street Media now offers integration with MailChimp and Constant Contact, two of the World’s most popular email marketing services. Clients who take advantage of this integration can easily create and schedule email campaigns and their lead data is automatically synced with the email provider of choice.

Mobile Messaging

The average American adult spends about 4 hours per day on their smartphone, more than any other digital device. Mobile represents an excellent, informal opportunity for agents to connect with their clients on the medium they use the most. Consider sending a short text message or picture of a recently listed property to check in with clients. Mobile messaging is a great way to build rapport, especially with younger buyers.