Over the years, we have surveyed our team to find out what they like most about working at Union Street Media.

The most common response? “The people.”

So this year, after 18 months of spending less time with “the people” in person than I have over the previous 22 years, what I’m thankful for are all of “the people” who make Union Street Media what we are.

The people who are part of our company are not just those who walk through the door — whether physically, for those of us who are in the office, or metaphorically for those of us who are online from home. The people are not just those who work here either. They are our clients, our industry partners, and our friends. They are those who make it all possible, by doing what they do, as a part of the collective energy that is Union Street Media.

I have always believed that all work is worthy and over the past year that has become even more evident. These days when I’m at the supermarket checkout, I find myself thanking the cashier for working there. If they don’t work at the supermarket, I cannot buy my groceries and feed my family. So when I said that I’m thankful for “the people,” it is much broader than what you might traditionally think of.

For the second year in a row, Union Street Media and our clients were recognized as earning more RealTrends Best Websites awards than any other website provider. In order for that to happen, it starts and ends with “the people” — all of them.

For that, I am thankful.