Web Video For Real Estate

Posted October 17, 2011Webinar

In this webinar we’ll discuss how to effectively integrate video into your real estate website. We focus on the four genres of web video that are most compelling for website visitors. You will be able to watch examples of effective videos, which will help you understand how you can use web video on your own site. Using video effectively will increase user engagement and illustrate why you are the most knowledgeable Realtor in your market area.

John Merse

Vice President, Product
Peter Drucker once said “quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it." I’m an evangelist for Union Street Media, and the real estate industry. I work day in and out to make sure we’re creating a product that prioritizes our client's needs. By understanding a realtor’s day-to-day, I can help design efficiencies around it through our software. On top of that I have an extensive background in marketing campaign and strategy management. If I can save a client time and money - while growing their business with successful digital campaigns - we’ve done something important.
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