Imagine sitting down in the morning with your first cup of coffee (or preferred beverage of choice), laptop open, knowing exactly who to contact, when, and how, whether your goal is to get your next listing, understand who’s ready to make an offer, or identify which agents need help. How much more successful could you and your team be if you knew exactly which activities led to the best sales and created raving fans? 

Having an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use sales strategy based on actual results is the key to an effective lead management system and is what our partners at Follow Up Boss are best at. Combining an omnichannel digital marketing strategy that generates high quality leads, with a lead management system that helps you close more of them, is truly the golden ticket. 

Read on to learn:

  1. How to implement a game-changing real estate lead management process in six easy steps.
  2. How to focus your time on your best leads and customers.
  3. Easy ways to keep in touch with every contact and lead in your database.
  4. How to get more seller leads into your sales funnel.
  5. How to attract buyer leads and build your pipeline of business.

What’s worked best for you to generate and manage your real estate leads? If you’re considering making a change in your digital strategy, reach out and let’s strategize together!