We want to share an update on what Union Street Media is doing to help our clients through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last Monday, we had a company-wide video conference call to discuss the path ahead. I shared with the team that I wanted us to be Confident, Careful and Communicative.

Confident: We’ll get through this together. Borrowing a quote from my Dad (that I later learned was from the Bible)… like many things in life, “this too shall pass.” 

Careful: We’re all working remotely. We’re not doing this so we can hit up OrangeTheory whenever we want. We’re staying home to do our part to help #flattenthecurve.

Communicative: Over the course of the week, we ensured that every client got a phone call. Yes, this included pulling entire teams off of their scheduled work for the week. The importance of hearing a voice on the other end of the line matters now more than ever.  

It was also a great excuse for me to play Electric Light Orchestra’s Telephone Line to the team… many of whom were born well after it was released in May 1977 (truth be told, I was only four months old at the time).  A classic, it hit the Top 10 in Australia, US, UK and number 1 in Canada.

During this period of social distancing, we need to be digitally present. We published content on our blog, shared content on social media and attended multiple video meetings. We documented, documented, documented everything we did and we used Slack a lot.

Number of Slack Messages Sent at USM since COVID-19

We know that our clients need us more than ever: your website and digital strategy are your lifeline to the rest of the world. We updated our clients’ display campaigns to make sure what we are saying is in line with this period in history. We added COVID-19 banners, navigation buttons and pages. We helped share information we read on how to make it through this process together so we have strong businesses on the other side (this LinkedIn post from Rand Fishkin might have been my favorite of the week). 

Graph from Rand Fishkin Article

Most of all, our communication is not going to stop there.

For this week we’ll be rolling out video interviews, new offers to prospective clients and free training sessions on how to make the most of this time at home to help bolster your website and digital strategy.  

Stay tuned, stay home and wash your hands!