There is no other organization in the real estate industry, in my opinion, with the breadth of knowledge and talent of T3 Sixty. Union Street Media is honored to be working with T3 Sixty to take our offerings to the next level for our clients!

We are particularly excited to be working with Travis Saxton, the Senior Vice President of Technology, who has been a thought leader and go-to-guy in the Proptech world for years. There are a few human beings on this planet that have looked at more real estate software than Travis. We are excited to incorporate his ideas and guidance into our product development in 2019 and beyond.

We recently hosted Travis in Vermont for a 48-hour tour. We talked about where the real estate industry is going in 2019 and hit up some of the best local foods restaurants in Vermont. We will be sharing a video in the coming days with some of our findings – which is just the beginning of what we will be doing with T3 Sixty in the future.