Union Street Media has entered an alliance partnership with RESAAS! RESAAS is a technology platform that enables brokerages, franchises, and associations to communicate in real-time, connect with new business opportunities, and bring unique data to their agents globally.

The alliance between Union Street Media and RESAAS will deliver more information, guidance, and actionable advice to agents on the platform.

“Our agents represent the most active in the industry. They use RESAAS to secure more business, to learn and further themselves professionally,” said Tom Rossiter, CEO of RESAAS. “Delivering Union Street Media’s excellent content to our agents will increase usage and engagement of the RESAAS platform, and uptake of our Premium tier. In these uncertain times, RESAAS has never been busier helping agents achieve success in this more technology-driven climate.”

Connect with us: https://www.resaas.com/unionstreetmedia