Union Street Media is thrilled to announce that we are now partners with MoxiWorks, a robust open platform for real estate brokerages where all their tools (and ours) integrate!

There are a lot of things that we love about MoxiWorks – such as the scope of their suite of products, our very successful past client engagements together, and most of all – their people. Everyone that we have met at MoxiWorks exudes the kind of culture that we have at Union Street Media. We knew that we had a great fit in the making and we both discovered we have the same name for our most important team: Client Success.

We also have a track record of working really well together.  Below is an example showing how successful a partnership between Union Street Media and MoxiWorks can be for a client. (The data is shared anonymously with the client’s permission).

Digital Growth of a Client

My father has been in the client service business for a long time (where he’s still happily working in his 70s). He taught me from the beginning that if you take care of your clients, you will be fine. MoxiWorks shares that same philosophy which is why we work so well together.

We are excited to collaborate with the MoxiWorks team in 2019 and beyond!