Long rumored and now live, read about it on the Flickr blog. The example above is from Dunstan Orchard. A few quick tidbits:

  • 90 Second time limit. May sound confining, but frankly, it will probably save us all from ourselves.
  • 150MB per video file.
  • Pro members only (a pro account is insanely inexpensive).

All in all it looks pretty good. I’ve long loved Flickr for it’s easy to use interface (and plugins that hook right into my iPhoto) and the great way of sharing photos online and putting them in blogs etc. Now that same experience is translating over to short video clips. I also like the exceptionally clean interface of the video player itself: it’s all about the image and not at all about the play button. Very cool. Do you use Flickr? How might you use this tool?