As the number of businesses using multiple social media platforms continues to grow, the question frequently comes up:  Which content should go where?

The two platforms that provide the biggest source of confusion are blogs and Facebook. There is a purpose for both, and each is ideal for particular types of content. It is important to understand the intention of each of these channels. So, should you put your next update in your blog or on your Facebook page?

The purpose of a Facebook business page is to:

  • Connect with old customers, new customers, potential customers, and colleagues
  • Share content that is both relevant and interesting
  • Engage your fans with contests, business news, and other engaging content
  • Keep fans in the loop on upcoming events, conferences, or anything where your company will have a presence

The purpose of a business blog is to:

  • Display your expertise
  • Develop a depth of content that distinguishes your business
  • Bring readers up-to-date with the latest industry information
  • Keep the momentum going in the search engines for important keywords and topics

If your content is meant primarily to engage, or is something you want to quickly share with others, post it to your Facebook profile. Examples of Facebook-appropriate material include: announcing a limited-time offer, photos of a local event your business attended, videos, or anything with a more personal tone. If you can distinguish your company by elaborating on a business-related topic, make it a blog post. Blogs are an excellent forum for professional information, and can spark interesting dialogues as people post comments.

If your target market is local, take advantage of the opportunity to include relevant localized keywords and information. Like Facebook, blogs can be used for a variety of material, and may incorporate some of the pieces you put on your Facebook page (images, videos, etc.). It’s not always clear-cut whether a post should go on Facebook or on your blog.  In some cases, writing a blog post and linking to it from your Facebook profile (and other web presences) is the best strategy. It is often a case-by-case situation. Both platforms are important in establishing your online presence, and it’s important to properly link them together, as well as to your other sites—most importantly, your main website.