To say the real estate market is challenging currently is an understatement. Real estate agents helping buyers navigate bidding war after bidding war are exhausted, like their clients. And sellers considering listing their primary residence are anxious too. They may be thrilled at the possibility of selling their house for more than they ever thought, but fears of where and how to buy a home compete with the fear of missing out to create just as much stress.

So what can you do?

The short answer is to be creative – get in front of as many potential sellers as possible and tell the story of how you can help them – and ultimately, wait it out. Many predict market conditions to shift to be more in balance later this year, while still favoring sellers. In fact, inventory is already up in many markets vs. last month.

Often, real estate companies focus on performance marketing to drive leads now. That’s important. And what’s equally important is brand marketing that establishes you as the trusted resource for buyers and sellers who need help today, and who will need your help in the future.

Connect with us today to discuss how we can help you grow your real estate business now, and in the future, by telling your story. We’ve seen a lot of success with seller targeted strategies that blend brand and performance marketing for real estate, including:

  • High quality leads – on average, 85% of our clients’ seller leads called to speak with an agent!
  • Better engagement – our seller ads see up to 168% higher engagement
  • More listings – clients are seeing up to 4.5x higher conversion rates for sellers than for other strategies!
  • Lower costs per lead – seller leads that cost up to 32% less than the industry average

In this relationship industry, 75% of buyers and sellers work with the first agent they contact. What’s more, people are 3x more likely to click on an ad and search for a company that they’ve heard of. Build trust, stand out, and get as many interested sellers reaching out to you as possible, so whenever they choose to list, it’s with you.