Photo courtesy Ines from Miami real estate blog, Miamism.

Back from Blogger Connect and Inman Connect (aka #ICNY). Too much stuff to download in just one post but suffice it to say that Ted, Andy and I had a great time.

One of the consistent themes that I heard throughout the conference was an increased focus on visitor engagement. Right from Jeff Turner’s opening on Wednesday through to the end.

Basically, we often tend to focus on metrics like the number of unique visitors and so on when what we should look at, more often, are measures of engagement. Are people using/liking/spreading our content? Are they coming back for it? Are there some tools that are particularly effective at promoting visitor engagement (answer: yep and most of them fall into the social media category).

I’ll get a post up soon that has my presentation slide deck and narrative, for those who were unable to attend. Meanwhile, check out the social media dashboard for the Twitter feed, blog post recaps and flickr/video streams of Inman Connect New York.