In Vermont we are used to long periods of social distancing and self quarantining: It’s called “winter”.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re all going be home.  A lot.  After these frantic first few days pass, you may find you have some extra time on your hands. Below are five things you can do to help improve your website and digital marketing strategy (and not lose your mind!)

Create Recommended Searches

Recommended Search Widget on the website

Recommended searches are the foundation of a strong long-tail SEO strategy. Think of recommended searches as a curated search experience: instead of a user coming to your site and then having to type in what they’re looking for, you’re helping guide them through the process. Recommended searches can be set up in just about any way you can think of… common ones include:

  • By town
  • By price
  • By property type (residential, condo, multi-family, land, etc)
  • By bedroom or bathroom count
  • By school district
  • By waterbody or water access
  • By location
  • By architecture style (farmhouse, ranch, log home, etc)

You can also create recommended searches using a combination of the options above.  A common one is “All homes in town name under $500K”.

Best of all: Recommended searches are a set-it and forget it tool.  You set them up once and Union Street Media’s data team does the rest.  We update the results daily based on the changes in the MLS. Over time, the pages get indexed as Google sees a page full of keyword-rich content that’s updated daily!

At Union Street Media, we believe that good website support is answering the next question before it is asked.  Recommended searches are the real estate search equivalent. You’ve worked with many clients over the years and know what kind of properties they’ll want before they do… so set up a search for them and it will also help you find the clients too.  If you need a refresher on how to create a recommended search please contact us or check out the Help Center in Accelerator (our awesome real estate website platform!)

Write Content About Each Town You Service

Have you ever found yourself saying the same thing about a town in your market place to more than one client?  Imagine if that information lived in one place (your website!) where you could direct clients to learn more about that town?  Or, even better, a prospective client might search for your town, find the content you wrote about it and then contact you as a result!

Check out this page about Dover, New Hampshire on for a great example of an area information page. 

Extra credit: create a one-paragraph description for your recommended searches that includes the phrases in the search.  Update your title tag to include those keywords too. 

Check out this page about Cedar Lake, Indiana on for a good example of a town specific recommended search.

Update Your Bio!

Broker’s written biographies seem to be the only thing less frequently updated than their headshots.  When was the last time you looked at what is on your bio? Have you joined a new volunteer board? Set a new sales record?  Does your bio say that “in 2016…”?

Unless you are committed to updating your bio annually, we recommend not putting in too many specific dates (such as “in 2016…”) or the ages of your kids.  We also suggest that once you’ve updated your bio on your site, you do the same on LinkedIn, the real estate portals and your local MLS.

Refresh Your Site Photos

Although we’re in the COVID-19 Winter, is your site still full of fall foliage imagery?  It’s certainly appropriate to have some seasonal imagery throughout the site and we recommend trying to keep it in balance.  Your town is a great place to live all the time, not just for a few months out of the year.  

Extra credit: Reading is hard, watching a video is easy.  If you have video imagery of your community add it to YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world) and then put the video up on your website.  

Give us a call

Union Street Media is open for business and we’re here to help!  We have a theory that when the weather is bad, we get more support tickets.  Over the next couple weeks during the COVID-19 winter, we’re here to help you get through it.  

As one mentor of mine once said: when orders are down, you can either shut down the factory or retool it.  We’re re-toolers at Union Street Media and we’d be happy to help you get ready for the opportunities that will come in the summer after our COVID-19 winter.  We believe that the fundamentals of the real estate market are strong and that people will really consider where they want to live after spending so much time at home.

About one-third of our team was working remotely before COVID-19 arrived.  While this is a new phenomenon for many of us, we were able to transition to a remote workforce quickly because we already had the infrastructure in place.  Send us an email at or, even better, please give us a call at 802.865.3332. Hit 2 for support. As always, a real live human will pick up the phone to answer your questions.  They just might be in their PJ’s at home this time.