We’re so excited to share that we’ve partnered with Plunk to bring you powerful tools that give you and your potential clients the insights needed to determine a home’s value, detailed market statistics, and a home’s potential value. 

Keep reading to learn more about Plunk’s advanced analytic tools!

Home Value Estimator

Home Valuation Tools have been giving sellers insights into their home worth since Zillow started passing out its Zestimate tool on real estate websites about 8 years ago. However, the way data/valuations were calculated wasn’t super clear and the conversations that started with sellers became a point of friction when trying to price the property correctly. 

Enter Plunk’s Home Value Estimator! This tool leverages AI to capture changes to a home’s value in real-time by taking into consideration interest rates, changes in lifestyle, inventory trends, and wages in both local and national markets. The Home Value Estimator tool also tracks over 104 million homes in real-time to clearly and accurately display explanations in determining a home’s value. 

home value estimator

Real-time Market Statistics

Plunk also offers a clear and concise way to display six key market insights in real-time that track and capture the local, regional, and overall market performance.

plunk market statistics

Home Remodel Tool 

How much could a home be worth with the right upgrades?

Plunk’s Home Remodel tool reveals a home’s best features or potential value based on possible remodeling. These recommendations are specific to each and every home, not just based on what’s trending. Imagine being able to share both the costs and impacts on the value of a remodel project before a potential seller commits!

plunk recommended project calculator

Reach out today to learn more about getting Plunk’s powerful home valuation tools on a Union Street Media website!