Ocean Park Realty, Inc.

Ocean Park Realty, Inc.

Ocean Park Realty, Inc. sells and lists more property in Oak Bluffs than any other agency on Martha’s Vineyard. Over the years, Ocean Park Realty has nurtured a referral network that remains their most powerful and effective marketing edge. Their website and search engine optimization strategy, powered by Union Street Media, has been a huge part of that.

Since 2013, Union Street Media and Ocean Park Realty have partnered together to grow Ocean Park Realty’s digital presence and ensure their website creates a lasting first impression, compelling others to share it and refer more business to them. In addition, top search engine ranking has always been a priority as has the quality of leads the website generates. The website has been central to the team’s ability to cultivate lifelong relationships, turning renters into buyers, and customers into repeat customers and friends, and maintain their reputation. Their current website was expertly crafted to showcase the varied communities they serve and create a sense of place that is uniquely Martha’s Vineyard. By continuing to leverage digital to nurture and grow their sphere of influence, the Ocean Park Realty team has seen their business grow year after year. They plan to share their love of the vineyard on a global scale for years to come and look forward to their continued partnership with Union Street Media to serve as a cornerstone of their efforts.

Brokerage Size

7 Agents

Client Location

Martha’s Vineyard

Type of Real Estate

Residential, Luxury, Land, Rentals