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GreyBeard Realty

GreyBeard Realty is a full-service, locally owned real estate agency with a depth of experience working with home buyers and sellers in Western North Carolina, including Asheville, Black Mountain, Montreat, and the surrounding towns. GreyBeard Realty and Union Street Media have been working together to create remarketable online experiences for 15 years, and each day is as rewarding as the last.

The GreyBeard team’s original digital marketing goal was to grow their online business to reach customers who were searching from out of state locations and weren’t familiar with them. They’d been working with Union Street Media long before they expanded their footprint into Asheville and the surrounding area. Early on, GreyBeard Realty expanded its digital marketing strategy to emphasize content creation and search marketing. Their goal was to attract new homebuyers in Asheville, the market in which they’d just entered, and to ensure those potential homebuyers found what they needed on GreyBeard’s site.

GreyBeard Realty was one of the first companies to launch a new responsive website to create a seamless user experience across all their users’ connected devices and make it easy to promote their content anytime, anywhere. Testing played a major role in optimizing the website and advertising campaigns toward conversions. Pairing their new responsive site design with engaging, interactive, and hyper-local content such as an interactive neighborhood map led to significant growth across all performance indicators, including website traffic, leads, sales, and GCI.

In order to drive awareness, grow share of voice, and increase leads, GreyBeard Realty needed to find new ways to generate relevant traffic and grow their office’s pipeline. By executing a cross channel strategy as part of Union Street Media’s most advanced digital marketing package, they attracted significantly more visitors to their site and re-engaged past visitors, growing their total customers and transactions per customer.

Union Street Media’s partnership with GreyBeard has been one of strong collaboration and open communication. Their flexibility and willingness to experiment has powered their digital marketing success. By redesigning their website and partnering with our digital marketing experts to continuously optimize their content, search engine optimization and online advertising campaigns, they have seen year after year of outstanding commission growth.

Brokerage Size

33 Agents and 4 Offices

Client Location

Asheville and Western North Carolina

Type of Real Estate

Vacation Rentals, Residential, Commercial, Land

GreyBeard Realty Grows Their Market Share in Asheville with Union Street Media