Dow Realty Group

Dow Realty Group

Adam Dow, Founder and Owner of the Dow Realty Group, has always been ahead of the curve. He started his real estate career in 2003 and quickly prioritized developing a strong online presence, well before others did the same. He built a hyperlocal website focused on Lake Winnipesaukee as a way to set himself apart from other brokers who were focused primarily on specific towns and neighborhoods. He focused on lifestyle content and strong SEO to establish himself as the local expert and make it easy for agents to send him referrals. “In 2005 my web provider was acquired and was about to shut down,” Dow recalls. “I switched to Union Street Media who rebuilt my site from the ground up. Since then Union Street Media has been there to keep my site up-to-date and has developed a digital marketing strategy that has helped me stay ahead of my competitors.”

Working with Union Street Media, Dow has been an early adopter of many digital strategies, such as targeting out-of-state and International buyers. He’s used online advertising to reach people in urban areas like New York City and Boston, as well as target investors in London, Hong Kong, and other locales. Dow used to spend $4,000 a month on Zillow leads that were only available in certain zip codes and left him at their whim when they decided to change their business model. With his market expansion and growth goals, he realized he needed to generate and own his leads, as well as give his team leads in the areas they worked versus what were available per zip code, helping them be more successful. “By investing in my own leads, I’m building security for my business, my team, and my family,” says Dow. “Union Street Media knows that one quality lead is worth more than ten junk leads, and they have the digital marketing expertise to find the right buyers and sellers while solidifying my brand, not a real estate portal.”

In 2019, Dow and Union Street Media celebrated 14 years of working together. Dow celebrated by upping his game again - deciding to build a new beautiful, content rich website and expand his digital marketing strategy. The goal of the new website was to consolidate, refine, and market all of the local content Dow and the Union Street Media team have built over the years, to increase lead volume, build a sustainable growth strategy independent from portals, and make sure he stays a top player online. Always a step ahead, Dow’s new custom website and digital marketing strategy have exceeded every expectation.

In the 11 months since launching their omnichannel digital marketing strategy and new website with Union Street Media, The Dow Realty Group has generated more leads than in the past three years combined! They’ve had their best sales year ever and are #1 in the state again. Dow is incredibly proud of their success and remembers when they were much smaller. “Achieving 20,000 website visitors...and $100 million in sales before summer’s end is a testament to the hard work, innovation, and dedication of our team and Union Street Media is an integral part of that” Dow says.

Brokerage Size

20 Agents and 3 Offices

Client Location

New Hampshire

Type of Real Estate

Residential, Land, Luxury