Ted Adler


Rachel Allard

Vice President, Operations

John Merse

Vice President, Product

Todd LaMothe

Vice President, Engineering

Ryan Freebern

Director of Engineering

Anna Glosser

Director of Client Services

Ariana Wammer

Employee and Community Relations Manager

Pam Bouffard

Office Manager

Emma Shank

Senior Business Operations Analyst

Peter DiFonzo

Business Development Manager Team Leader

Chris Badami

Business Development Manager

Brian Bliven

Front End Web Designer

Nick Montgomery

Front End Web Designer

Cameron Wollensak

Web Development Supervisor

Bekah Moon

Web Developer

Mohamed Houtti

Junior Web Developer

Robin Hrynyszyn

Web Developer

Alex Osborne

Account Manager

Martha Blaisdell

Account Manager

Elissa Giroux

Digital Marketing Manager, Client Success

Andrew Prescott

Senior UX & Content Strategist

Emily Coble

Digital Content Strategist

Hayley Eagan

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Alex Hubbard

Support Engineer

Scott Connor

Support Engineer

Abbie Wolff

Customer Support Representative

Francis Gravel

Senior DevOps Engineer

Levi Jackson

Senior Platform Engineer

Sheri Lewis

Senior Platform Engineer

Lally Boright

Platform Engineer

Erika Quackenbush

Inbound Marketing Coordinator

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