At Union Street Media, we believe in practicing what we preach. That is why we perform regular gut checks and analyze data across our portfolio of clients. What we found recently was so interesting that we just had to share… According to our data, real estate businesses that have implemented our recommended digital marketing strategies showed significant growth across multiple indicators, including – on average – a 50% increase in lead volume over the past year and a 78% increase in overall site conversions that are directly attributed to digital marketing tactics.

How is this possible? Innovative solutions like audience segmentation and lookalike modeling enable targeted marketing efforts that build awareness and create a better customer experience for your most valuable buyers and sellers. These solutions start with our industry leading responsive platform technology. Our mobile responsive websites help boost organic SEO by ensuring a seamless user experience across all connected devices. Adding informational features such as local market data and town pages not only attracts more buyers through search engines, but encourages them to engage with your curated content once they’re on your website.

However, the real key to staying competitive in your market is through implementing an integrated digital strategy that captures buyers and sellers across multiple touchpoints – whether your website, social media, organic search, paid search, display advertising, video and more. Our team of experts specialize in real estate, which means we know how to tailor digital strategies to target [and retarget] the right people and placements, resulting in impressive returns on your digital marketing investment. In fact, we found that clients that have a digital strategy are seeing nearly double the amount of mobile site conversions than sites that don’t.

“Impressive team of marketing and web professionals and really enjoyable people to work with. Skilled in implementing successful marketing strategies and well versed in creating great websites.”

– Caleb Hofheins, GreyBeard Realty Marketing Manager

Through curated content and an enhanced user experience, we have helped our clients increase the likelihood that buyers and sellers will see and engage with their brand. To learn more, check out how we were able to help GreyBeard Realty increase their annual revenue growth!