Selling luxury homes sometimes presents a unique challenge. The luxury real estate industry encompasses not only selling a property but also selling a lifestyle. Luxury listings come with specific amenities and decor, and there’s often a smaller pool of buyers. Because luxury real estate listings are unique they require a custom digital marketing strategy. Recently, the appeal of these properties and lifestyles has increased — with 35% more luxury homes sold in 2021. With the rise in interest in luxury properties, it’s essential to create a real estate digital marketing strategy that’s specifically tailored to luxury listings. 

Keep reading to learn more about creating a digital marketing strategy for luxury real estate listings to attract the right buyers and sell more homes. 

7 Ways to Market Luxury Listings Online

  1. Designated landing page
  2. Highlight appealing amenities
  3. Include high-quality visuals 
  4. Create a lifestyle video
  5. 3D renderings & Virtual staging
  6. Advertise listings online
  7. Share on social media

Designated landing page 

Having a robust real estate website is a must in this digital-heavy world. Not only are real estate websites one of the best ways to market your listings, but so is also creating a designated landing page for luxury listings. Because these listings often include many amenities, building a landing page for a specific property will allow you to provide as much detail about the listing as possible, making it the sole focus. On the landing page, be sure to include your contact information, plenty of images, videos, and a detailed description of the property and the surrounding areas, among other things.

Highlight appealing amenities 

Similar to providing great descriptions for other listings and writing about what makes the property so special, highlighting all the amenities offered is a great way to paint the picture of the property and what living there would look like. Be sure to include amenities that are appealing specifically to luxury real estate buyers, such as security, gyms or fitness areas, outdoor amenities, entertainment options on the property, etc. 

Sharing some of these highlights on other channels such as social media or in ads (more on those later) in order to reach and entice the target audience is a great way to increase engagement and interest in the property. 

Include high-quality visuals 

Time and time again, we hear about including high-quality visuals in order to effectively market your real estate listenings, and that’s because incorporating visuals is one of the best ways to highlight and attract potential buyers. Specifically, in the luxury real estate industry, companies have started to turn to drones to capture images and videos of properties. By utilizing drones, you can capture the entire property and show off the surrounding area as well. 

Create a lifestyle video

As mentioned previously, marketing luxury listings also means marketing a specific lifestyle that comes with the property. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a comprehensive video. In the video, give a tour of the property, making sure to highlight any special features, the surrounding area, and why this property is so special. Not only are videos extremely popular but also help give your website a boost and increase engagement on social media. Be sure to upload your videos to YouTube, as YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and allows you to get in front of people who are browsing similar videos. 

3D renderings & Virtual staging

Sometimes, luxury properties are new construction. In order to market new construction properties to potential buyers, you might need to start before it’s completely finished. By creating 3D renderings, or 3D models, of what the property is set to look like, you can begin creating your digital marketing strategy early. Similar to 3D renderings, virtual staging has gained popularity during the shift to a more digital world. With virtual staging, you can show off the property that’s still being built or has been built but not furnished with the best lighting, furniture, and decorations that make the property highly desirable. 

Advertise listings online

One of the best ways to market luxury real estate listings is to create ads for the properties. Creating ads, allows you to reach a specific audience of buyers who are interested in luxury properties. Be sure to include a click-to-call CTA (call-to-action) on the ad and link to your real estate website, a contact page, or the specific property’s landing page. You can also use some of the content mentioned previously like videos, images, 3D renderings, and virtual staging for your ads to show off the property. Plus, including a click-to-call phone number, makes it easy for potential buyers to get in touch with you after seeing your ad. 

Share on social media

The power of social media for real estate is undeniable. Dedicating a post to highlighting your luxury listings is a great way to showcase the property because social media continues to be an effective way of attracting and engaging potential buyers. By sharing on your social channels with visual assets like a video or images, you can create the story of the listing and get in front of more people. Specifically, real estate agents are posting video tours of luxury listings on TikTok and gaining thousands of views, which then places them in front of more people and keeps them top of mind. To create the best social media strategy, think about your goals and what platforms make sense for you and your business.

Creating a digital marketing strategy for luxury real estate is one of the most effective ways to get in front of more potential buyers to sell the property and the lifestyle. As always, keeping track of what’s working and what’s not is key to adapting your strategy to make the most out of your efforts.

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