For this next installment of the Female Founders series on Union Street Media’s YouTube channel, Rachel Allard, Senior Vice President of Strategy spoke to Sue Carey, Vice President of Corporate Relocation Strategies at Baird & Warner. Baird & Warner is one of the oldest real estate companies in the United States and one of the most innovative. Click the play button above to watch the interview in its entirety and learn how Baird & Warner stays true to their roots while leading through, and embracing, change.

When Sue Carey was in her twenties, she needed a job. From a newspaper ad, she interviewed with and took a job working for the President of a Chicago brokerage. “He knew that I probably was going to get bored working just with him,” Carey reflects, so he “moved me into general sales and I had an opportunity to be a part of their leadership at the age of 25 or 26.”

Fast forward to now, Carey has years of experience under her belt and is one of the most down to earth – and hugely successful – leaders in real estate. She founded the corporate relocation division of Baird & Warner, which is still under her purview today. “The biggest value I can bring to Baird & Warner is our corporate clients,” she says. Carey defines success as honing in on “those services that will make people feel good about making that move.” Witnessing the personal impact of her work is a continuous source of joy for her. 

Because relocation often involves changing your entire life, it can be filled with a lot of uncertainty. “I just feel that in this new world — this new environment, there are all the constraints around someone to really get integrated into a new community and there’s a lot more that real estate firms can do,” she explains. 

When asked what data she uses to make decisions and help Baird & Warner grow, Carey says, “I get great enjoyment pulling in what I’m hearing and thinking about, what it is I might be able to develop that would respond to what that need is.” Creative problem solving is a staple of her role and she thrives on challenges.

Along with looking at data, Carey advises people to get out of their comfort zone and “really open yourself up to hearing about something that maybe you don’t know anything about” because it can “spark an opportunity to build a new service or build something that no one else is doing.” Both for the business and on a personal level, being open to new opportunities and following your passion is key.

“Look at what it is that gives you joy. Make a note of what you really enjoy doing and then where might you find that.”

—Sue Carey

Carey believes the advisor part of her role, as a relocation leader and executive, and of real estate agents in general, is going to become even more essential. Carey says that “there’s always going to be a need for guidance for helping somebody learn.” She continues on to say, “I think just being a specialist in a marketplace and being open and available in sharing” is key, adding “knowing that your personal support — not just your professional advice — your personal support of someone’s move [is there] is critical. And it’s never going to change.”

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