This next installment of the Female Founders series on Union Street Media’s YouTube channel features entrepreneur and strategist Molly McKinley. McKinley is an accomplished author, Vice President of Brand Strategy for RateMyAgent, 2021 Inman Ambassador, and owner of several businesses, including Intentionaliteas and RedTail Creative. Click the play button above to watch the full interview. 

Molly McKinley began her career in public relations in the 90s before pivoting toward marketing, through which she was able to build a career as a business owner, author, and brand strategist. On the heels of starting RedTail Creative at the beginning of the year, McKinley is introspective, believing that all the work she does today is a culmination of her past experiences. “Now that I have some wisdom under my belt and some life experiences moving into my second chapter of life, I can clearly see how everything has been an integral piece to the puzzle,” she reflects. She acknowledges it’s taken time to see that and that the challenge is in having the confidence and faith to see it sooner.

McKinley is a champion of women and minority business owners and encourages those around her to follow their passions. McKinley believes in choosing projects that help her create, or are already a part of, a community of projects. “I love being able to use all parts of my brain and different projects are different parts of me,” she says. One example of this is the creation of Intentionaliteas. McKinley explains that sitting down and having tea with people is the perfect conversation starter, allowing everyone to get to know each other and see if there’s a business opportunity at hand. 

For McKinley, thinking of and creating projects like Intentionaliteas derives from taking moments to dive deeper into yourself to fuel creativity and inspiration. McKinley says a silver lining of the pandemic is that it created “the great pause,” adding, “as innovators you need inspiration –  the root of inspiration is in spirit.” McKinley explains that COVID has given a lot of people the opportunity to reflect on what really inspires and drives them. 

“I think all of us as collective individuals should be what we’re striving for – to know who you are because then you’re building a life with purpose.”

— Molly McKinley

As a woman in business, she’s been often dismissed. Now, McKinley says that she’s comfortable enough to share the data that backs up her gut instincts and intuition. “Those two pieces combined make me super powerful and I’m not afraid to own that anymore,” McKinley states. She notes that as long as they trust themselves, women should own their decisions, whether they are going to get it right or wrong. Having the confidence to pursue what you believe is key. And there’s a market for it. 

“I think it comes down to the absolute root of knowing thyself.”

— Molly McKinley

McKinley reflects on a moment she had at a WomanUP! conference when she heard women talking about their businesses and describing their achievements with “soul-filling” passion. “I actually saw the embodiment of power in the feminine aspect using those words and honoring the fact that we are multidimensional beings who are creating,” she says. 

As for advice for those considering starting their own business, McKinley says to follow your values and make sure your voice is “aligned with the things that are at the root of why [you] even started [it].” “It’s because we are locked into this mode of should,” she continues, adding “we’re doing things that other people are telling us that we should do or we’re trying to mirror or mimic businesses that are winning.” McKinley is proof that you can succeed by doing the opposite; by following your passions, finding a niche, and embracing what’s different and powerful about what you offer.

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