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It’s More than Just a Map

Our new Map Search is designed to be the most user and search-engine-friendly option out there. It’s made for users to easily find your website, have a great online experience, and help them find their perfect home.

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Our Map Search perfectly balances user-friendliness, stunning visuals, and client controls.

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Redefine Hyperlocal

Get dynamic search results, large property photos, customized search criteria, and so much more!

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Clean and simple design that was informed by UX best practices.

The Most Powerful, Intuitive Map Search

What is Map Search?

Our new Map Search provides users with the online experience they’re looking for, increases the time they spend with you, and helps them find their dream home. Our search functionality and user interface were modeled after modern standard web practices and design — the user interactions and design elements throughout the page are familiar to those who regularly search for real estate on the web.

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USM Map Search Landing Page on All Device Types

Designed with Performance in Mind

We’ve implemented high-performing, technical search optimizations that ensure maximum search engine readability and page authority.  

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See Map Search in Action!

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