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Union Street Media and Cloze’s integration allows you to streamline your lead management. Get access to client contact information with a comprehensive timeline view of website activity and lead history such as listing inquiries, favorited listings, and whether the lead is a buyer, seller, or both.

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Seamless Syncing

Leads are automatically synced from your website to Cloze from our new lead router

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Understand Your Leads Better

View contact information, website activity, saved searches and favorites, and more

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Easy Access to Information

Find all lead information in your Cloze inbox and on the comprehensive timeline

Accurate & Flexible Lead Routing

Captures website leads with your Union Street Media website through various form submissions including contact us, listing inquiries, home valuation, schedule a tour, and more. Our lead router then quickly assigns and delivers leads to the main inbox or assigned agen accounts in Cloze.

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Lead Type & Lead Data

Our integration with Cloze automatically syncs contact details such as name, email address, and phone number, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Lead types such as Buyer, Seller, or Buyer and Seller, are also applied when available, along with saved searched and saved favorites.

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Lead Nurture & Beyond

With agent assignments and lead derails immediately delivered, Cloze can get to work nurturing leads by triggering follow-up in various ways from notifications, automated email nurture campaigns, with all contact and communication history easily accessible.

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Get Smarter Lead Management

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