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Digital Marketing

Google is Updating Its Algorithm, Again

In May 2020, Google announced it would include page experience signals ...

Digital Marketing

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

The bottom line is, search has gone mobile. According to ...

Digital Marketing

Mobile Readiness for Real Estate: Google’s New Update

Brace yourselves. Mobilegeddon is coming. Okay, maybe “mobilegeddon” is a ...

Digital Marketing

3 Easy Ways to Rethink Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Back in the dark ages of marketing, success meant throwing ...

Mobile Websites

App Alternative: Save Websites to Your Mobile Home Screen

Frustrated that the websites you frequent don’t have apps? ...

Digital Marketing

Creating Mobile Websites for Real Estate Agents and Offices

As any marketer knows, you should always think about your ...

Mobile Websites

QR Codes for Real Estate – Hype or Here to Stay?

Invented in Japan in 1994, QR codes are short for “quick ...

Mobile Websites

Video is the New Photo – WellcomeMat Video App

I’ve been a fan of WellcomeMat for a while ...

Digital Marketing

Changing Media Landscape

I had an interesting phone call from a longtime client ...

Mobile Websites

Real Estate Apps on the iPhone

Apple is running TV commercials focusing on the applications available ...

Digital Marketing

Other Readings: Thinking about Search

Image via Wikipedia A lot great articles about search lately. ...

Digital Marketing

Mobile Internet Advertising with Google Adwords on G1 and iPhone

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown If your web marketing strategy ...

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