A Strong Content Strategy Influences and Increases User Engagement

In 2015, GreyBeard expanded their digital marketing strategy to emphasize content creation and search marketing. Their goal was to attract new homebuyers in Asheville, the market in which they’d just entered, and to ensure those potential homebuyers found what they needed on GreyBeard’s site.

“I knew that a big part of increased engagement was going to come from having a website design that offered an optimal user-experience,” said Chip Craig, Broker/Owner.

With this goal in mind, a new responsive website was built to create a seamless user experience across all their users’ connected devices and making it easy to promote their content anytime, anywhere.


GreyBeard’s website is a place where buyers and sellers can go to interact with their brand as well as learn about the market. Content priorities were developing local area information and interactive content like a neighborhood map, incorporating strong visuals throughout the site, and emphasizing clear calls-to-action to drive conversions. Testing played a major role in optimizing the website and advertising campaigns toward conversions. Chip and his team worked with Union Street Media to see what would work to engage his visitors the best. Combining their responsive design with diverse, interactive content lead to significant growth in engagement versus the prior year:

  • 25% more pages per session
  • 21% more average session durations


Layering Paid Media Onto Organic Optimization Drives New Customer Acquisition

Although users needed to stay on site and convert, engagement wasn’t everything. In order to drive awareness, grow share of voice in the Asheville market, and increase leads, GreyBeard wanted to find ways to generate traffic and grow their office’s pipeline. By executing a cross channel strategy as part of our most advanced digital marketing package, they attracted more visitors to their site and re-engaged past visitors. Some key tactics included:

  • Paid search campaigns with a local and statewide focus
  • Paid search campaigns targeting similar second home destinations, lifestyle seekers, and competing metro areas
  • Display and Facebook advertising that targeted users based on their past behavior
  • Flexible remarketing budgets that allowed them to seasonally optimize their ad spend between real estate sales and rentals
  • Retargeting and lookalike modeling to re-engage past website visitors and engage potential clients based on shared affinities


A Partnership That Powers Revenue Growth

Our partnership with GreyBeard has been one of strong collaboration and open communication. Their flexibility and willingness to experiment has powered their digital marketing success. By moving to a responsive design and allowing our digital marketing experts to freely optimize their content, search engine optimization and paid advertising, they have seen another year of over 30% commission growth for both their real estate sales and rentals.