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Making videos for real estate is a time consuming process no matter how you look at it. And you want to be sure you’re getting the best results for the time you spend making, editing and uploading your property videos. Why not use analytics to listen to your customers and let them help you improve your real estate video mojo? Google is now tracking “drop off” over at YouTube. I haven’t taken the time yet to play with this yet but it looks promising. Here’s why:

  • See how long people tend to actually watch the videos you post: make your videos the right length.
  • See if there’s a particular room/angle/whatever that tends to turn people off and make them leave: show only the stuff that works.
  • See if actual video outperforms slideshow-style video: show the right kind of content.

Of course, the downside is that you have to use the miserable YouTube video compression etc. I think I know how Google is making this analytics tool work and it isn’t incredibly complicated. Perhaps some of the other Flash-based video distribution sites will start offering analytics as well. Anyone out there using analytics with their real estate videos?