David LogginsDavid Loggins 1974 folk music hit “Please Come to Boston” rose to number #1 in Easy Listening in the US.  He was pleading with folks to “come to Boston for the springtime”.

We’re changing the tune to say please come to Boston in the fall.  Specifically, the 2nd to 5th of November. The National Association of Realtors will be descending upon Beantown, which is the proverbial capital of New England and the “city” that we all look to from Vermont.

Growing up in Connecticut, if anyone ever said “the city” to me, I thought of New York. However, after spending three years living in Boston during my wife’s medical residency and residing in Red Sox Nation, Boston is now a second home to me.  We also work with some of the premier brokerages in the Boston metro area, so we get to visit on a regular basis.

We would love to meet up with you if you will be in town to talk about the future of real estate digital marketing and what we can do to put you ahead of your competitors. And, if you don’t want talk about that, at least stop by for some of the best chocolate you’ll find in Vermont.

Union Street Media will be an exhibitor at the National Association of Realtors Expo, stop by booth 282 and say hello!

See you in Boston!