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Win the battle for buyers' attention

If you’re wondering how you can compete for even a fraction of the 13 billion real estate searches that happen each year, you’re not alone. If you’re sick of Zillow, you’re not alone. Yet combined, the top five real estate sites account for only 17% of the industry’s web visits. So, you CAN stand out.


of home buyers start their process online


of new movers solely use their mobile phone


of real estate searchers didn't have one company in mind when they started searching

Our media strategies ensure we find your ideal buyers across search, social and display channels.

  • Showcase visually stunning properties via display ad formats.
  • Leverage high impact web and social placements, such as on Facebook, Instagram and popular websites, to increase awareness and drive consideration.
  • Capture interested buyers by utilizing branded and non-branded search placement in Google and Bing. 90% of our leads have email and phone number.
  • Leverage keywords with high search volume, low competition and a low average cost per click for the best opportunities.

Target potential home buyers using demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral data, for example:

  • Real estate, home improvement/DIY, location and related interests
  • Life events such as marriage, pregnancy, job changes, and more
  • Contextual targeting using keywords and inferred interests
  • Competitive targeting, social signals and affinities (lookalike modeling)
  • Keyword search history
  • Past site visitors, leads, and customers
  • Social media followers

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